Best Local & Caribbean Restaurant in Aruba

The only thing better than spending your time in a tropical paradise like Aruba is exploring the heavenly dishes the local restaurants have to offer. Whether you’re looking for a nearby restaurant in Palm Beach – a within walking distance restaurant – or want to branch out with your Caribbean restaurant selection, the island has plenty of options sure to please.

Asi es mi Peru

Offering traditional Peruvian food, including seafood like shrimp and scallops, Asi es mi Peru is a great restaurant for anyone interested in trying something authentic and tasty. The menu is quite diverse, too, offering a mix of seafood and meat dishes that are sure to please.

The Lazy Turtle

Looking for a menu that’s varied? The Lazy Turtle has you covered. Their menu includes American, Caribbean, and African food options and specializes in fresh seafood. They’re a great option whether you’re hoping to find something new or are looking for some old-fashioned American comfort food. They’re also located nearby the Holiday Inn!

Red Fish Aruba

For fresh fish and delectable seafood dishes, Red Fish Aruba is a natural choice. They offer a fun atmosphere and tasty drinks, too, although their steak dishes leave a bit to be desired. Nonethless, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Red Fish Aruba during your stay on the island.

Emboca Restaurant

A restaurant located nearby the Holiday Inn in Palm Beach, Emboca is a conveniently located hot spot with some of the best local food around. Their diverse menu offers dishes bursting with Latin flair, from their salads and soups to their seafood and chicken dishes. If you’re in the mood for some entertainment with your food, Emboca also features a lively atmosphere and tasty drink options. And if you’d rather eat on the beach or in your hotel room, they also offer a food delivery service!

Aruba is home to some truly first-class restaurants that are second to none. Take a look at the above when you plan your next trip!